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BLOOM BOX ENERGY ABSTRACT: World has been constantly struggling with the energy problems. Scientists are searching for new economic, clean, renewable and efficient sources of energy. We are unable to find any reliable energy resource which will satisfy all our needs. Now the world has been introduced to Bloom Energy, a new entry in the fuel cell business which claims to be ready to revolutionize the energy economy. Bloom Box has been embraced by big names such as eBay, Google, Staples, FedEx. Is this a new solution to all mankind energy problems? The human demand for energy is enormous and exponentially increasing. Today, the energy sector is one of the most potential and profitable sector. As 80 to 90 percent of the world’s total energy comes from combustion of fossil fuels which are limited and create pollution, the need to find other renewable, non-exhausting and clean energy resources is increasing. The traditional approach to energy production has many challenges such as emission of green gases. Mr. K. R. Sridhar, an Indian-American rocket scientist and co-founder and CEO of Bloom Energy has now come up with a Bloom Box which is suppose to meet all these challenges. Bloom Energy Server (generally called as Bloom Box) is a small size cubical fuel cell box which can provide sufficient energy to 100 average U.S. homes or 30,000 sq. feet office building. Bloom Energy Server with the size of refrigerator is able to produce 100 kW of energy using hydrocarbons such as gasoline, diesel, methane or biogas to produce electricity. Company claims that the Bloom energy Server is build on a patented solid oxide fuel cell technology and is a new class of distributed power generator.



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