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SOLAR TRAIN Abstract: In the Industrial Revolution many changes have been taken place not only in industries but also in the activities of the people and their means of transport such as Road ways, Water ways, Air ways and Track ways. Most of the convenient means of transport for a person to travel long distances is Track ways i.e., RAIL WAYS. But the common transport system (RAILWAYS) are now mostly working upon ELECTRICITY & COAL where is a huge consumption in the resources; To overcome this problem I have designed a modern method which not only CONSERVES the energy but also helps in IMPROVES the present environmental conditions that is SOLAR TRAIN. Which does not works on neither electricity nor coal but does work on RENEWABLE ENERGY i.e., SOLAR energy. Now most of the people may think that “Does a train run on solar energy???” for those people the answer is YES, and can be implemented easily to real time application and that’s what this concept deals the construction and working of the MODEL (train) also how we are going to conserve energy for a very long time in effective and efficient way. By implementing this technology we can prolong the life of CONVENTIONAL energy sources for a long time. When this is brought into practice then the travelling expenses will be exponentially reduced and energy consumption is reduced upto th of its original value of consumption. This can be done by not only replacing the input with solar along with some circuit wizardry of the machines. This technology will bring revolution in the industry. This is a concept that to be IMPLEMENTED In FUTURE because “Necessity is the Mother of Invention” At present we are in scarce of resources and soon we will be shifted to conventional energy resources then this is the perfect solution for the problems to overcome. “This Utilization of SOLAR ENERGY in RAILWAYS is purely SELF-DESIGNED CONCEPT and this not copied from Internet and other means of sources”



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